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In this page you can find the most frequent asked questions on Rovatti pumps. By checking this section, you can quickly find the information you were looking for.

What is a centrifugal pump?

It is an operating machine that exploits the centrifugal effect of the impellers to move the liquid, transforming the mechanical energy coming from its motor first into kinetic energy and then in...

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What kind of centrifugal pump do I need?

A centrifugal pump has to be selected considering the flow rate of liquid that must circulate and the pressure (head) with which the same liquid must be re-launched inside the system. The perform...

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What is the water hammer?

The water hammer is a pressure peak caused by a rapid change in the flow speed in the pipeline. It is normally caused by the sudden closure of a valve or the sudden start / stop of the pumps. It ...

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What is cavitation?

Cavitation is the formation and subsequent implosion of vapor bubbles within the liquid. It occurs when the pressure inside the circuit equals or drops below the liquid value tension. It is accom...

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